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The reason I started the podcast was because moms (and all women) crave real-life examples showing it is actually possible to move from just struggling to struggling WELL. 

Hearing how other moms do it (and how it sometimes goes terribly wrong for them too!) reminds us we’re not alone, gives a fresh perspective and some much needed adult conversation!

Women NEED to internalize the truth that this ridiculously difficult and thankless job (motherhood, wifehood, humanhood) is worth it.  I want to point them to the only One who is able to make our situations less of a disaster.

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Hey, I’m Emily

I am a teacher turned RN, turned artist who now supervises an eating disorder clinic and hosts a podcast. Oh ya, I'm also working on my Masters in Nursing and rocking that mom-hat we all wear. Weird, huh? Some topics I cover in this space are infertility, adoption, living overseas, the pitfalls of comparison, and the days I’m crying on the floor.


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