Hi friend!  

So glad you're here.

So I have this thing where I'm terribly awkward.  No facial control whatsoever.  I don't know what to do with my hands. I'm like this with my words too.  I make my husband very nervous when we go out in public. 

I share this only because I have a hunch I'm not the only one who feels like they're stumbling from one hot mess to the next in a way that must be hard to watch.  

So many things on the internet are polished and perfect and I want you to know it's not just YOU who can't quite get it together.  I'm struggling too. 

I am a teacher turned RN, turned artist who now stays at home with my kids and hosts a podcast.  Weird, huh?  Some topics I cover in this space are infertility, adoption, living overseas, the pitfalls of comparison, and the days I’m crying on the floor.  

I get asked a lot about my own story (since the podcast is mainly about my guests) so if you're interested, you can hear pieces of my story on my friend's shows:

I would LOVE to interact with you however you like best so please find me on InstagramFacebook or send me an email.

The struggle is REAL.  Let's at least do it together.

- Emily