I found really cheap chicken thighs at Walmart yesterday!

Do you long to take a little more time for yourself on the regular? Would you like to read more books but have difficulty making time for it?  Do you want to have more to talk about with your friends than the amazing  deal you got on chicken thighs this week? Me too.   

Wanna try reading a book together?

Our lives are complicated enough so we'll keep this book club super simple.  We will all read the same book and virtually "meet" to discuss it once a month for less than an hour. You know you have time for that. There will also be a top secret Facebook page for some optional discussion throughout the month.  

Bonus: no battling traffic because you'll be in your very own house AND you can (and should) be in your most comfy pj's while we meet. What's not to love?

Sound fun?  I know! It totally does!  If you want to join us in this high-minded pursuit, sign up so I can get you the details as they come out: