Looking for a meaningful way to include your kids in contributing to the needs of Hurricane Harvey? Me too!

My talented friend Stephanie of Documented Faith designed some printable coloring pages for purchase and 100% of the proceeds go directly to organizations providing relief to victims.

There are 2 different 4 packs of printable coloring pages to choose from and they are GORGEOUS!  I am printing some on cardstock and coloring them for my own walls.  

She asked me if I wanted to partner with her to get the word out and I couldn't say 'yes' fast enough because I knew immediately this is something the Mom Struggling Well community would be all about! 

Feel free to purchase 1, 10, or 50 to reach your desired donation amount. When you donate you will receive FOUR hand-illustrated Printables. Your printable pack will be automatically available for download after checkout.  Each printable is 5x7 inches. This is a digital file and no physical product will be shipped.

Click here to purchase your printables.

Because my skillset is NOT drawing, and I'm better at asking the questions, I wrote out some questions for you to start the discussion with your kids while you color. Give these a try then add some of your own:

  1. Do you know where Houston is?
  2. What is your most special toy you have? Favorite place in town? Book you love best?
  3. Some kids just like you have lost their favorite special things (and places and pets, etc,) recently.  What do you think that must be like for them?
  4. If you were going through that, how would you want people to pray for you today?  Let's do that right now.
  5. What do you think God thinks about all of this? What would He want us to do?
  6. Who do you know who serves people well?
  7. How can you use your hands to serve someone? 
  8. What would it look like to serve someone with our hearts?
  9. What is your favorite way to be served?  To serve someone else?
  10. Who will you see today that could benefit from being served by your hands and heart?

In going through these questions (and my kids realizing Houston is in Texas which is THE SAME PLACE WHERE WE LIVE!) lights started to go on and we had some amazing discussion while we colored.  And then, as it does, they got silly and it all ended with nose picking, saying everything in "air quotes" and finally,  a dance party... You just hope something sunk in there somewhere, right?

If you've been wondering what to do to help, this is a really great way because for a minimum of $5 you can help out,  have a gorgeous resource and some rich conversation all at once!