#107: Am I Actually Loveable? with Kelly Flanagan

Meet Kelly:

Dr. Kelly Flanagan is a licensed clinical psychologist and prolific writer. He began his blog in 2012 (UnTangled) and recently published his first full-length book, Loveable. I really wanted you to hear his ideas on this topic because they impacted me a great deal.  Being a mom can really mom with your head because we want to do so well but oftentimes we are pretty sure we are messing it all up.  I learned a lot in this chat and I know you will too!

Kelly Flanagan.jpg

What we chat about:

  • The definition of loveable
  • The shame cycle
  • Two necessary steps to finding your purpose
  • Seeking worth through relationships and accomplishments
  • How to respond to our children's bad choices that will help them grow
  • The beauty of being ordinary
  • Preparing for your inciting incident
  • The importance of setting boundries

Links mentioned:

Loveable: Embracing What Is Truest About You, So You Can Truly Embrace Your Life

Where to find Kelly:

website // twitter // facebook // pinterest

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