#112 Catch and Release with September McCarthy

Meet September:

September McCarthy is the Founder and Hostess of the non-profit, Raising Generations Today; an author; wife to her "builder" and the mother of ten children.  Although as a parent she considers her primary responsibility to raise kingdom builders and world changers, as an individual God has called her "to encourage all women to be brave and to embrace the gifts that God has placed upon them to hand the torch of the Gospel to their family and those around them."

What we chat about:

  • What sparked her to start Raising Generations Today
  • The crux of motherhood - catch and release
  • Championing other mothers
  • The importance of filling your cup before it's empty
  • Recognizing your focus and determining if it matches your vision for motherhood
  • Understanding your children's love languages
  • Exposing your kids to your weaknesses
  • The differences in being purposeful and being consumed
  • Rules for communication during family meetings
  • How to struggle well with your kids when they refuse to listen

Links mentioned:

Why Motherhood Matters: An Invitation to Purposeful Parenting
{Why} Motherhood Matters Journal: Taking The Steps

Where to find September:

website // facebook // twitter // instagram // pinterest

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