#115 So Close to Amazing with KariAnne Wood

Meet KariAnne:

KariAnne writes the decorating and lifestyle blog, Thistlewood Farms from the back porch of her vintage farmhouse in the rolling hills of Kentucky. She followed God's call for her heart and jumped with her family from the busy Dallas metroplex to the middle of the country where she lives with her husband and four children.  If you turn down the winding country road to KariAnne's farmhouse you might find her painting mismatched chairs, listening to the music of the crickets singing in the pasture, singing scripture or walking hand-in-hand with her knight-in-shining-armor husband as the sun sets over the river. She loves sweet tea with lime, thunderstorms, good books, milk glass, yard sales and she is an imperfect DIYer saved by grace.

KariAnne smaller.jpg

What we chat about:

  • Technology and teens
  • The relationship with teens and their siblings
  • The challenge of setting rules for kids at different ages
  • Giving consequences that fit the crime
  • Learning to speak "teenager"
  • Modeling the behavior you want to see in your kids
  • The story behind KariAnne's new book

Links mentioned:

So Close to Amazing: Stories of a DIY Life Gone Wrong . . . and Learning to Find the Beauty in Every Imperfection
Parenting with Love and Logic

Where to find KariAnne:

website // facebook // instagram // twitter // pinterest

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