#119: Redefining Rest with Alex Hoover

Meet Alex:

Alexandra Hoover is a wife, mother of three, daughter, friend, dreamer, reader & writer. She works as a full-time Ministry Assistant, and spends the rest of her time, loving her crew, her friends, and pouring her everything into being present. Her story is a story of redemption by Grace. Ransomed, Rescued and Redeemed. She loves to share Gods continuous faithfulness in her life, and how He has an abundant life waiting for us right now, in it all. She is for the women of this generation, and the next. Empowering and Encouraging them in Christ Jesus, and the truth of who they are, and who's they are. 

What we chat about:

  • The difference between self-care and resting in Christ
  • Responding when God's answer to a prayer is "not now"
  • The blessing of walking in obedience, even when that means saying no to people
  • How changing her "heart posture" changed her life
  • The on-going restoration of Alex's relationship with her parents
  • The difference between needing space from a person vs. withdrawing from them
  • How extending love to others has helped her better understand God's unfailing love

Links mentioned:

GT's (Synergy) kombucha tea - Lavender Love

Where to find Alex:

website // instagram // facebook

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