#48: Whole and Free with Sophie Hudson

Meet Sophie:

I'm betting you know who this lovely lady is but in case you don't, here goes: She is a wife and mom, a writer and a podcaster.  She is also a "fake counselor" as she says at a girls school which could not be a more perfect job for her.  She's one of my personal favorites so I had to try really hard not to be super gushy about that during the interview.  Don't worry though, I let all my awkward out as soon as we weren't recording.

What we chat about: 

  • the concept of gleaning in our everyday moments
  • things that will leave a relationship dead in the water
  • what makes relationships thrive
  • how service looks different than you might think

Where to find Sophie:

blog // instagram // twitter // facebook

Links mentioned:

Need to Breathe

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