#53: When There's No One Else Like You with Laurie Krieg

Meet Laurie:

Laurie is a wife and mom who grew up in a strong Christian home.  She comes from a large and impressive family and went on to do impressive things for God because she was trying really hard to sort out how to be "Christian enough" to stop being attracted to other women.  This conversation is something the church needs to hear.  I know I needed to hear it.  She tells her story with gut wrenching honesty but also so much grace.  I think you'll be surprised to discover how similar your story is to hers!

What We Talk About:

  • Transition from "popular girl" to "youth group girl" all in an attempt to do enought good things for God
  • What happened when she could no longer patch up her crumbling facade
  • How Laurie doesn't always feel safe in "mom groups"
  • What eventually happened to help her discover how to be with God

Where to Find Laurie:

Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Links Mentioned:

Church Resource by Laurie and Clare

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