#61: Breaking the Rules We Made Up with Laura Kelley

Meet Laura:

Laura is a mom of 5 through birth, adoption, and fostering.  She's an artist from Nashville (because that's where the artistic people are, right?) and I wanted to talk to her because of the amazing way I see her love her community with her kids. She's got some important wisdom regarding simplifying kindness and doing few things really well. 

What we chat about:

  • family reunification
  • feeling like your not smart enough to read the Bible
  • talking to kids about their adoption
  • quitting extra things to focus on what matters
  • going with what you're good at even if it's awkward (like talking about death)

Links mentioned:

Watermark Children's Story Series

Seinfeld Rental Car Clip

Art Journaling Class 

Almond Coconut Bark Thins 

Earth Balance Butter 

Where to find Laura:

blog // instagram // facebook

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