#65: Following God's Nudges with Natalie Ard

Meet Natalie:

Watching someone walk out their passion using their unique giftings is inspiring.  One of my favorite parts of having this podcast is finding those people and sharing them with you, the listener!

Today's guest is Natalie Ard who is a mom who loves being creative.  She found she had left that behind when she became a mom but, when finding a solution to her daughter's fear of Elf on the Shelf, hit on a new tradition that has expanded from just her house to homes all over the world!  You're going to love this product but even more, you'll love hearing the story and the heart behind it.

What we chat about:

  • the (sometimes) difficult transition from staying home to working again
  • what Natalie does to refocus when she's lost sight of why she's doing her ministry
  • an easy way to discern which opportunities to take and which ones to skip
  • some ways she's finding more time to be with her family in this transition season

Links mentioned:

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Where to find Natalie:

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