#66: Out of Hiding with Meggan Wood

Meet Meggan:

I'm excited to share with you my chat with Meggan of Lily Jade! Her diaper bags are AMAZING but her heart for women is what I needed to highlight today.  She candidly shares what it has been like to get out of her comfort zone and trust that God has a plan to use her despite her fears and insecurities.  You're going to be so encouraged.  I know I was!


What we chat about:

  • growing up with adopted siblings
  • balancing life as a working mom who travels
  • how she helps her children avoid "crowded loneliness"

Links mentioned:

'Out of Hiding' song by Stephanie Gretzinger

Nourishment and Encouragement Facebook Group

Benefit Eyebrow Gel

Where to find Meggan:

shop // instagram // facebook

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