#92: Sibling Conflict: From Bickering to Bonding with Jim and Lynne Jackson

Meet Jim and Lynne: 

Jim and Lynne are hands down my favorite parenting resources.  They offer tried and true tips that are also logical and hope-filled.  I just love hearing their perspective and the research-based care they apply to all our parenting puzzlers.  You all absolutely raved about Jim and Lynne the first time they were on the show and you are going to love them this time as well!!

What we chat about:

  • The typical ways parents engage sibling conflicts
  • A new 4 step process that will change that way your family has conflict
  • How to get angry siblings to calm down
  • How to build understanding among siblings
  • Why celebrating progress is important

Links mentioned:

Sibling Conflict Course 

Discipline That Connects Book

Where to find Jim and Lynne:

website // instagram // facebook // twitter 

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