#94: Knights in Training with Heather Haupt

Meet Heather:

Heather's goal is to equip parents in the pursuit of intentional parenting.  She knows learning is really fun and wants others to get that too!  Her wants to raise world changers who passionately love God, love others, and delight in the adventure of learning.  She recently created a resource you'll love for your boys on the topic of chivalry!

What we chat about:

  • Why we don't want to raise a "typical boy"
  • The importance of parenting with an eye to the future
  • Why it is imperative that you teach your children to follow you

Links mentioned:

Knights in Training (Heather's Book)

Bringing Up Boys

Bringing Up Girls


Touchable Bubbles

Where to find Heather: 

blog // facebook // instagram // twitter

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