#96: Crafting a Calling with Mandy Osborne

Meet Mandy:

Mandy never saw herself as a designer, but when a homemade t-shirt started getting attention from friends, it became clear that God had other plans for her. She now operates Milk and Honey Tees, a home-based business that creates stylish, comfortable tees with meaningful messages. A portion of every Milk and Honey Tees sale supports Africa New Life's Dream Beauty Academy - a program that offers job training, childcare, and discipleship to vulnerable women in Rwanda.


What we chat about:

  • How an accidental business turned into a purposeful ministry
  • The struggles and joys of working for yourself
  • The difference between guilt and conviction
  • Ways to cut down on the noise in your household
  • Embracing life as a boy mom

Links mentioned:

Africa New Life's Dream Beauty Academy

Tan Towels 

New Morning Mercies Devotional

Where to find Mandy:

website // instagram

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