#97: Bereaved Motherhood with Amy Balentine

Meet Amy:

The biggest fear for any parent is the death of a child. Tragically, Amy has experienced this twice, first with her son Simon in May of 2014, then again in November 2014 with her son Thomas. Now, Amy is using her experience to help other moms who are struggling with the loss of their babies during pregnancy or infancy through the You Made Me Mom support group. She is also the mother of three earthly children - Teddy, Peter, and her fifth child, due this fall. 

What we chat about:

  • How to graciously respond to awkward questions from well-meaning strangers
  • Amy's emotional story about the passing of her second son, Simon Adam, who was diagnosed with full Trisomy 13; as well as her third son, Thomas Job, who passed after 13-weeks gestation
  • Ways to feel connected to your heavenly child
  • The You Made Me Mom support group that Amy created to help other bereaved mothers
  • How losing two children affected Amy's relationship with God and her husband, Adam
  • Options available to mom's who are facing the birth of a child with a life-limiting diagnosis

Links mentioned:

I Will Carry You: The Sacred Dance of Grief and Joy

You Made Me Mom Facebook Group

Where to find Amy:

website // blog

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