#28: Exercise, Monsters, and NO MORE BROCCOLI with Layne and Porter

I came across a great resource recently and wanted to share it with you!  My church has some questions they encourage us to ask our kids each year in an effort to gauge the opinions of our kids about how we are doing as a family unit and how they feel we are doing as parents.

You can listen to my quick interview with my kids here:

Some questions to ask:

1. What are the top 3 things your mom is most passionate about?

2. What is something we do as a family that you definitely WANT to do with yours?

3. What is something we do you are SURE you won't do with your kids?

4. What is your favorite part of being a (your family name here)?

5. What is your least favorite part of being a (your family name here)?

6. What is something you wish I would do more as your mom?

7. What is something you wish I did more of as your mom?

8. On a scale of 1-10 I think my mom loves me _____.

9. What have been some of the best times you have had with me this past year?

10. If you had to give me some advice on how to be a better mom, what would it be and why?

11. If you and I could sit and talk about anything what would it be?

12. What are some things that are making you anxious, fearful or discouraged right now so I can pray for you?

13. What is something you would like to do with me?

14. How can I help you grow in your love for God and your ability to serve Him?

15. What has been the best thing I have done this year, or that we have done together as a family this past year that has helped you the most in your understanding of God and His love for you?

16. What would you say has been the biggest area of growth for you this past year?

17. What have you learned about God/Jesus/faith this year that has blessed you?

18. If you could grow in any area in the next 12 months, where would you want it to be?

(Source http://www.watermark.org/blog/questions-parents-should-ask-their-kids and http://wordsfromwags.com/questions-to-regularly-ask-your-kids/)

Your turn!

Try it with your kids.  I hope it starts some wonderful conversations.  I'd love to hear how it goes!