Problem Solved

#191: June Problem Solved: Enneagram

#191: June Problem Solved: Enneagram

If someone asked you “Do you know your number?”, would you know what they mean? They’re talking about the enneagram, of course! If you like personality tests, you’ll love this episode! Rebecky brought on the first ever Problem Solved guest, Lauren, who is an enneagram coach. She typed Rebecky live on the pod and helped us understand other enneagram numbers in the process. Rebecky can’t decide how she feels about her number, but thinks that it’s probably the worse case scenario. Emily gets some clarification on EXACTLY what her number is because finding out her perfect number is the right thing to do. Any guesses on what numbers they are?!

#187: May Problem Solved: Insecurities and Such

Do you think you’re hard to work with? Do you think you come on too strong? We talk through a few of these things and share some friendship and workplace insecurities. We also talk about the loveliness of Emilio Gavin and Rebecky’s pause from her million-dollar corporation + her new stay-at-home status. Rebecky shares more about her workout routine and why it’s working for her right now. It’s great! We had too many problems to solve and they ranged from morning sickness to dog issues. We loved this one and we’re so happy to share it with you!

187 IG.png


  • Rebecky’s current life as a SAHM

  • how Rebecky’s 4-minute workouts are changing her life

  • tips for dealing with morning sickness

  • advice on working with a boss with poor communication skills

  • Rebecky shares her insecurities as a boss and a friend

  • camping with dogs

  • confronting nosey neighbors

  • testing out a minimalist kitchen

  • deciding when you’re done having children


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#182: April Problem Solved: Technology Edition

#182: April Problem Solved: Technology Edition

Do you have ten million pictures on your phone and need a plan? When is a good time to let your children have access to the cyberspace? How can you stay the heck off your phone?

There is lot’s of talk about technology boundaries with kids and Emily’s favorite subject comes up: appropriateness! Rebecky and Emily both realize they are placing non-technology items out to be shared and discovered by the kids, and it’s working! Tech facts gave Em life and Rebecky shares how she likes to decompress in non-tech fashion.

#178: March Problem Solved: Birthday Edition

#178: March Problem Solved: Birthday Edition

We answer all of the tough birthday questions this month, like: What do you do when you forget a birthday? What’s the deal with gift bags? Do you do the party drop-off move with your kids?

Rebecky has had a celebration breakthrough this year! She shared with us why it’s so important to celebrate yourself and how to not be weird about it. Em shares her go-to gift for girlfriends.

Also, Rebecky got some fly electronic accessories and we find out why Em is giving away her designer dog.

#170: January Problem Solved

#170: January Problem Solved

Do you worry that you’re messing your kids up when it comes to body image? Maybe YOU feel a little messed up when it comes to body image. That’s where Rebecky and I come in. We are here to solve all of the body problems and let you know that we feel a little messed up too. These are the things we are sure of: nakedness can be used to repel children when you need a moment alone, “boring” meal preps are some peoples bag and finally, this is 100% the best episode we’ve recorded yet.

#165: December Problem Solved

#165: December Problem Solved

Christmas is just a week away - are you feeling frazzled? Don’t worry, we are too. Fortunately, we’re here to solve all your holiday problems from contentious in-laws to all those annoying toys your kids will get this year. We also weigh the pros and cons or real vs. artificial Christmas trees and tackle the age-old question - what do you do when your mom won’t let you stop delivering angel food cake to strangers? It’s a real conundrum.

October Problem Solved

October Problem Solved

Fall is here are we’re solving all of your Halloween headaches like picking a couples costume, appropriate trick or treat age limits and handing out candy. We also determine when it’s appropriate to start watching Hallmark Christmas movies and tackle the challenge of getting your kids to wear winter clothes. And our friendship is tested when Rebecky reveals she doesn't like pumpkin spice flavored anything. WHAT?! She’s on probation.

Problem Solved: Favorite Things

Problem Solved: Favorite Things

In this riveting episode Rebecca and I start off by sharing what we've been up to lately.  I shared a little about my experience at Revelation Wellness Instructor Training and how I recently went to Glamour Shots with my family for family portraits.  

Rebecca shared that she's been struggling with being a homeschool mom and me and everyone else on the live Instagram video gave our hearty agreement that being a mom of any kind can be a stinking beating at points.