Episode 1: Breena Holt

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::Warning:: you will probably feel some feelings.  

This podcast covers a topic we as moms would rather just not think about- the loss of a child.  Wait though!  Before you decide to move on to watching I Love Lucy re-runs, I assure you this story is worth a listen!  My friend Bree walked through the valley but she has a story of hope you NEED to hear. 

In this episode Bree talks candidly about: 

  • unknowingly idolizing her kids
  • what it looks like to fight for your kids even when professionals don't agree.  
  • how to grieve as a family
  • how to help a grieving friend
  • where to buy clothes you feel good about wearing

Where to find Bree:

Blog // Shop // Instagram // Facebook // Twitter

**** Bree has generously offered a coupon code to her shop for podcast listeners.  Enter MOMSTRUGGLINGWELL in at checkout for 10% off her fall line! ****

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