Episode 11: Corinne Shark

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tough topic alert! there may be tears.

Hi friends!  I am sneaking in an extra episode here because I thought you'd be really encouraged by hearing this story and there is a timeline associated with it so it needed to happen soon.

Some topics in life are just difficult to talk about.  I would say human trafficking is definitely one of them. It is an issue that is dear to my heart but in all the conversations and sermons I've heard on the topic, I haven't heard someone speak with as much hope and compassion as Corinne.  

The other amazing piece of this puzzle is the extraordinary way God has prepared their family to go.  They have been having unreal experiences with people in their own town all related to the same topic.  You wouldn't believe it if I told you so you might as well just listen.

What we cover:

  • Exodus Road and their counter-trafficking work
  • How Easter may NOT be the best time to tell your kids they are moving to Asia
  • The hard/good road of trusting God to provide in lean times
  • God's ability to use our regular jobs to accomplish remarkable things

Where to find Corinne:

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