Episode 12: Kristen Kill

Refreshingly different

All I can say is I'm so THANKFUL God made such a wide variety of people.  If we were all the same we'd all be bored to tears.  My friend Kristen Kill is a breath of fresh air to me for a variety of reasons one of which is that we are so different.  She has a freedom and grace about her and I could only dream of.  I could talk to her all day long and learn completely new ways of doing things.  The OTHER reason she's so special to me is her deep understanding of truth and God's character.  She's a gem and I'm thrilled to share her with you.

What we chat about:

  • obedience and what we need to do to get a "well done" at the end of our days
  • the idea and importance of Legacy
  • the importance of cultivating our souls and those of our children
  • The Hidden Art by Edith Schaffer

Where to find Kristen

blog // instagram //twitter // facebook

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