#19: The grief room and the anger train with Katie Orr

My friend Katie Orr is a girl who is passionate about teaching people how to read and understand God's word. She recently wrote some Bible studies you need to hear about.  They can take as little as 15 minutes to complete and are accessible even if you don't know a blessed thing about the Bible!  The best part: she's graciously giving two copies away to Mom Struggling Well listeners!  Follow @momstrugglingwell on Instagram for details!

What we chat about:

  • how she has grieved the loss of her brother with small kids around
  • her strategy for diffusing drama in her house
  • what her time with God looks like

Links mentioned:

5 Truths to Treasure Through the Tears 

God Centered Mom Podcast 

Denise Hughes and Team 365 

She Reads Truth

Strategies to struggle well:

  • Maybe you research one of the reading plans Katie mentioned 
  • Perhaps you (definitely need to) head to @momstrugglingwell on Instagram to enter to win your copy of Katie's new study
  • You can try validating the frustration of your kids in an effort to diffuse it

Where to find Katie:

blog // facebook // twitter // instagram

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