#20: Hard-Core Perseverance from a Mom in the Middle with Candice Castillo

This girl.  She's the spunky southern California artist behind HEart by CC.  She is a wife and the mom of 3 boys too!  She is a girl whose message of freedom and acceptance has been hard-won through many years of overcoming obstacles.  You're gonna love this conversation!

What we talk about:

  • Trying to read your Bible when you're dyslexic
  • Believing in your kids when no one else does
  • Walking with kids with "unique needs"
  • That it's ok to be honestly disappointed in your current situation

Where to find Candice:

shop // instagram

Link mentioned:

Curse of Oak Island

Possible Strategies to Struggle Well:

  • Write a letter to God telling him your sorrow over your current season if you need to (since he already knows anyway).
  • Maybe you fight a battle for a loved one who needs you this week.
  • Perhaps you can carry the burden for a worn out mom this week (fold some laundry maybe?)

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