Episode 10: Brooke Nungesser

Rescuing the Forgotten

Hey friends!  Today I am happy to bring you the story of my friend Brooke!  She and her husband live in Poland and work to rescue the forgotten populations of society.  What I love about her story is that she wasn't that excited to get involved with it at first.  Sometimes we think people who do amazing things are different than us in that they always like serving others.  Her story is proof that God can use us even if we aren't 100% excited at first.

What we discuss:

  • how one cup of tea turned into a foundation to rescue the forgotten
  • the road to building a family (that is sometimes rocky and heartbreaking)
  • an unbelievable story about how her baby almost died in a foreign hospital
  • the importance of surrender

Links mentioned:

Where to find Brooke:

blog // foundation // twitter // facebook

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