November Problem Solved

Could you use practical tips on how to find your identity outside of motherhood? What can you do to not feel old or out of touch with your ideal style? Are there things you had to put down because of adulting but would like to rediscover?

Identity can be a complex and vast concept, but we actually managed to come up with some great tips. Rebecky shares with us her birth story, Gavin’s future profession prediction and why he’s their family favorite. Emily shared that she wants to spend more than zero time playing piano and accidentally referenced a Taylor Swift song which made her feel half cool, half old.


What we chat about:

  • Rebecky’s birth story and an update on her ill-timed bathroom remodel

  • maintaining an identity separate from motherhood

  • Emily reveals she’s the Al Bundy of pianists

  • Tips to help us all feel less haggish

  • Making a “you” journal to help you figure out what you actually like

  • Purpose vs. identity

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