Problem Solved: Back to School

So this week Problem Solved got a song written about it!  It is based on some of the shenanigans that have happened on this segment of the show.  Songfinch (see below) incorporated parts of tons of details I gave them about the things Rebecca and I have discussed on the show and a very talented musician crafted an original song!  I spring it on Rebecca and record what happened so enjoy that!

Also- we recorded this while live streaming on Instagram so we periodically stop and read questions from people who are watching.  Just incase you're wondering why we keep interrupting ourselves with random questions.

Most of us are heading back into the daily grind of the new school year. I personally am thrilled.I messed up the time zones (again) and almost didn't get this recorded.  But we persevered and made it through that hurdle.  Rebecca's kids are going to do a hybrid homeschool situation (because she wants to be like me) but she didn't know you couldn't put nut products in school lunches and she doesn't know if they school requires a uniform.  Rebecca has some things to sort out before school starts.

Rebecca has broken up with her grocery delivery company and gives us the dirt on that situation. I reveal that I am working with a detective to uncover the criminal child who draw a Harry Potter lighting scar on my new kitchen eating area.  I also reported my favorite crayon color.  I know.  Exciting.

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Songfinch is a personalized gifting company that makes one-of-a-kind songs from scratch. Everything from the lyrics, melodies and instrumentals are hand-crafted and influenced by your feelings, memories and stories.

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