#161: Sex, Money and Your Marriage with Cherie Lowe

“Passionate Patience” and “Financial Foreplay” are coming up today, so buckle up! Have you ever considered how intertwined sex and money are in your marriage? Cherie Lowe outlines how to save money and improve your love life. This conversation is jam-packed with info you’re going to want to put in place!

What we chat about:

  • You’re bringing a covered dish to a party. Is it a potluck? A pitch-in? A “pot blessing”? (I may have made up that last one.)

  • Finding some wiggle room in your budget

  • Cherie’s journey to be debt-free

  • How paying off debt has affected her children

  • Forming a healthy relationship with money

  • How learning to manage money can lead to better intimacy in your marriage (a.k.a. “financial foreplay”)

  • Cheap and practical date nights

  • The VND (values, needs, dreams) approach to your social calendar

  • Attaching money to our identity

  • Embracing each other’s strengths when it comes to budgeting

  • Shopping strategies and couponing

Links mentioned:

Your Money, Your Marriage
Meijer Perks
Walmart Savings Catcher
Formula 10.0.06

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